Getting Started with Weight Watchers Simple Start

I sometimes feel like I should go to AA.  I guess Weight Watchers is my AA. Same support team; same ‘quit what you’re doing to make your life better’ kind of atmosphere.

I can’t lie, I love it.

I tried other weight loss programs, and schemed up ideas to loose weight fast, but nothing worked the way Weight Watchers has. I lost 70lb. and it felt awesome!  I maintained that weight for two years… until I got lazy and started sitting in front of the computer 40 hours a week. Needless to say, the scales have started to creep back up. Not reeeeally bad, but I’m up nearly 20 since my last weigh-in in 2012.

So this past week I waltzed back into a meeting and stepped on the scale. To my surprise my weight loss leader still remembered my name and asked how my kiddos were. She hadn’t forgot how hard I worked, that was just the encouragement I needed to get back on track!

Weight Watchers new Simple Start program is so easy to get going! You can do it!

If you’ve never been to Weight Watchers it works on a points plus system where each food has a value based on 4 components- fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. But don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to decipher labels, there is a great points plus calculator to do the work for you.  Plus, if you sign up for Weight Watchers Online e-tools you can get the calculator right on your smart phone!

Since attending back in 2011 they have rolled out a new program called Weight Watchers Simple Start. I like it, it takes some mental adjusting when you’re used to the old program but I’ve settled in quite nicely. The basis of this two week beginner program is to jump start your body into ‘diet plan’ mode.  During this time you won’t have to calculate points. You can eat as much as you want, but they have to be power foods, meaning whole foods. Below is a list of foods that you can have during this 2 week start. In addition to the list, you have 49 (or 7 per day) free points you can use on whatever you like.


**The above list is recommendations, please attend a Weight Watchers meeting for the full plan.**

Here are my suggestions for getting started on Weight Watchers Simple Start:

  • You will receive a Simple Start menu, USE IT. There are some great meal ideas, grocery-shopping list, snack ideas, and answers to common questions.
  • Use a smaller dinner plate, and a smaller fork. Plate size has got out of hand these days, trick your brain and satisfy your stomach by using a 10” plate. By using a smaller fork it means less going in your mouth at a time, which leads to your meal lasting longer.

Trick your brain and satisfy your stomach with a smaller plate. Slow down your eating by using a smaller fork

  • You’re given 7 ‘cheat’ points a day, USE THEM. It doesn’t have to be on a chocolate bar, but you could have real butter, or extra sugar in your coffee. But by all means if you’re craving the chocolate bar, indulge a little. You can read all about my favorite weight watchers snack ideas here. Under eating on weight watchers is just as bad as over eating.
  • Become good friends with fat free Greek Yogurt. There are so many flavours out there you’ll find one you love (I love coconut). It’s generally low in points and it’s a power house of protein.  Plus you can use it for lots of other things like dip, and salad dressing.
  • Drink LOTS of water. If you have a hard time remembering- fill a few water bottles in the morning, when they are gone you know you’re on track.
  • If you’ve eaten not that long ago and find yourself going to the fridge, drink some water. Sometimes I find myself thirsty and not really hungry. Reach for a piece of fruit if you are actually hungry (I love frozen fruit when I need to mix it up).
  • Prepare yourself for stumbling upon the kids Halloween/Easter/Birthday Party stash. Have lots of healthy alternatives on hand, so you can run from the bag.
  • Exercise- this is where I fail at consistency. But when you pass these 2 weeks of simple start you will earn bonus food points for time spent exercising. Take the stairs, or add a hill to your already regular walking routine.
  • Have someone else clean up from meal time. I am notorious for picking, cleaning up is just another opportunity for me to put more food in my mouth. It’s alright to leave food on your kids plate, just because they didn’t eat it, doesn’t mean you have to. Plus, what a better excuse to pass the buck?!
  • Brush your teeth after a big meal. This might seem silly but it is my best trick because I won’t eat anything with toothpaste taste in my mouth. It will last long enough for you to forget that you want something sweet after a meal.
  • Remember for these first weeks you don’t need to track or count points. You can eat as much as you want of the foods on the list above (Power Foods). However, you need to listen to your stomach to know when you’re full.

That concludes my ideas for getting started on Weight Watchers. I plan to be back with more ideas, it will hold me accountable if nothing else!

What do you think? Do you have any ideas to add to the list?

I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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