DIY Weight Loss Motivation Jars

Starting a weight loss journey can definitely be exciting, but sometimes you’ll find your motivation dwindling. One way you can motivate yourself to stay on track is with a weight loss vision board. Another fun project you can do is to make weight loss motivation jars.

What are weight loss motivation jars?

Weight loss motivation jars are a creative way for you to keep track of your progress as you lose weight. This project is a great supplement to weight loss journals because seeing a visual reminder of your accomplishments can help you stay motivated and positive about the whole experience.


How to make your own weight loss motivation jars

Anyone can take on this project. All it takes is a few materials and a dash of creativity, and you’re set!

To make your own weight loss motivation jars, you’ll need:

  • 2 jars/vases
  • Glass pebbles or marbles
  • Glitter glue, or whatever you want to use to write on the jars/vases. You can also use stickers, paint and other materials to decorate your jars.

First, take your two jars and decide what you want to write on them. One jar is for the pounds you need to lose, and the other is for the pounds you’ve lost. Take your writing material of choice and label each jar accordingly.

Next, take note of how many pounds you need to lose to achieve your target weight. Then take that number of pebbles/marbles and put them in the ‘Pounds to Lose’ jar.

Now every time you make progress and lose a pound, drop one pebble into the ‘Pounds Gone’ jar. Be sure to place your jars in a visible location so you’re constantly reminded of your progress!


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