A smartpoints Guide To Mcdonalds

A smartpoints Guide To Mcdonalds

A smartpoints Guide To Mcdonalds

Earlier in the year I posted a ProPoints guide to McDonalds and it has become one of my most popular posts, so with the switch to SmartPoints I thought I’d revisit everyone’s favourite fast food place and put together a new guide to the SmartPoints in McDonalds food…



Big Mac – 16sp

Quarter Pounder with cheese – 17sp

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Hamburger – 8sp

Cheeseburger – 10sp

Double cheeseburger – 15sp

McChicken sandwich – 12sp

Chicken BLC – 12sp

Chicken McNuggets x4 (not including dip) – 5sp

Chicken McNuggets x6 (not including dip) – 7sp

Chicken McNuggets x9 (not including dip) – 10sp

Filet-O-Fish – 10sp


Deli choices

Sweet chilli crispy chicken wrap – 14sp

Sweet chilli crispy chicken sandwich – 17sp

Grilled chicken salad wrap – 9sp

Grilled chicken salad sandwich – 12sp

Crispy chicken and bacon wrap – 15sp

Crispy chicken and bacon sandwich – 18sp

Spicy veggie wrap – 13sp

Spicy veggie sandwich – 16sp



Small fries – 7sp

Medium fries – 10sp

Large fries – 13sp



Grilled chicken salad (no bacon or dressing) – 3sp

Grilled chicken and bacon salad (no dressing) – 7sp

Crispy chicken salad (no bacon or dressing)- 9sp

Crispy chicken and bacon salad (no dressing) – 11sp

mcdonalds coke


Large Coca-Cola – 13sp

Medium Coca-Cola – 10sp

Small Coca-Cola – 6sp

Diet Coke – 0sp

Large Fanta – 13sp

Medium Fanta – 10sp

Small Fanta – 6sp

Regular caramel iced frappe – 19sp

Large caramel iced frappe – 24sp



Apple pie – 9sp

Small vanilla milkshake – 11sp

Medium vanilla milkshake – 20sp

Large vanilla milkshake – 26sp

Small strawberry milkshake – 10sp

Medium strawberry milkshake – 20sp

Large strawberry milkshake – 25sp

Small chocolate milkshake – 10sp

Medium chocolate milkshake – 19sp

Large chocolate milkshake – 24sp

Crunchie McFlurry – 17sp

Dairy Milk McFlurry – 18sp

Smarties McFlurry – 16sp


Smokey BBQ – 4sp

Sour cream and chive – 3sp

Sweet and sour – 2sp

Sweet chilli – 7sp

Sweet curry – 3sp

Breakfast items

1x Hash brown – 4sp

Breakfast wrap with ketchup – 19sp

Breakfast wrap with brown sauce – 19sp

Big Breakfast – 18sp

Toasted bagel  – 6sp

Sausage, egg and cheese bagel – 17sp

Bacon, egg and cheese bagel – 14sp

McMuffin with egg – 9sp

Sausage and egg McMuffin – 13sp

Bacon and egg McMuffin – 10sp

Double sausage and egg McMuffin – 18sp

Double bacon and egg McMuffin – 12sp

All posted nutrition information is approximate and has been calculated using the nutrition calculator on myfitnesspal.com. Skinny Points makes no guarantees of accuracy and use of different brands may change the nutrition information.

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