Weight Watchers Tips From Someone Who Has Done It

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I’ve done several different diets, but keep coming back to the one that works for me—Weight Watchers. I’ve done South Beach several times as well, and have written enough hubs on that diet because I understand how and why it works. The premise of Weight Watchers is a simpler one. While South Beach mostly limits sugar and carbohydrates, Weight Watchers (the traditional WW point-counting, not the newer core plan that focuses on healthy options) mostly limits calories and emphasizes portion control. With all diets, you don’t always read about some of the tips from real people doing it. Well, here are some of mine, since I’m doing the Weight Watchers plan again, as I write this:

Breakfast options—3/4 cup of light cottage cheese is only 3 points and coupled with 6 oz. tomato juice, makes a surprisingly filling breakfast…..an egg sandwich made with 1 egg, light American cheese on a light English muffin is only 4 points and also very filling.

Lunch options—I have to admit I like those Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine meals…they taste way better than the Weight Watchers Smart Ones and they have the points count on the side of the box anyway. Granted, I don’t recommend eating processed food like this all the time, but you can’t beat the portion control aspect. I also like Campbell’s chicken & stars soup. A full can is only 2.5 points, and coupled with a few crackers makes a great lunch. You may have to fend off the sodium police with any of these lunch options, though…so if you’re watching your salt intake, be warned. Also try Ball Park fat free white meat turkey franks, which are 1 point each and if you find a 1-point bun, you can eat two of these for just 4 points. Progresso makes a line of WW approved soups that are between 0 and 1 point and taste really good.

Snack options—I don’t believe those who say an apple curbs hunger. For me, it makes me hungrier, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. But still, an apple is only 1 point and coupled with a Babybel light cheese wheel (1 point), you’ve got a great mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. I also tend to eat those 100-calorie snack mixes and Weight Watchers cakes, because they help me stick to the plan without overdoing it. And those Hostess 100 calorie pack coffee cakes, because of the fiber count, are just 1 point per package. Skim milk is like 2 points for a cup and also makes a good snack (and for me is more filling than an apple). Dill pickles and carrot sticks are zero points so long as you don’t eat a pound of them. I’m not a huge fan of sugar-free yogurt, but many of these are 1-2 points as well and generally filling. Most jerky is low in calories and points as well. Nuts and full fat cheese, while mostly acceptable on South Beach, are high in points and almost not worth spending any of your daily allotment on.

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