Snacks with 4 Weight Watchers Smart Points

Snacks with 4 Weight Watchers Smart Points

  • Chex Mix, traditional (1/2 c.)
  • Planter’s cocktail peanuts (30)
  • Planter’s dry roasted peanuts (35)
  • Quacker Lower sugar maple and brown sugar (or apples and cinnamon) instant oatmeal (1 packet)
  • Quacker Chewy Chocolate chip granola bar (1)
  • Sun chips, Multigrain snacks, original (15)
  • Post Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds cereal (3/4 c.)
  • One half of a Light English muffin with 1 tablespoon pasta sauce and 1 ounce low-fat mozzarella cheese baked until bubbly
  • A slice of reduced-calorie whole wheat bread toasted with 1 tablespoon peanut butter and banana slices
  • Mini Larabar, apple pie fruit and nut bar (1 bar)
  • Healthy Choice Greek Dark Fudge Swirl Frozen Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup flake style imitation crab meat and 1 Tbsp. Lite Western dressing
  • Vitalicious VitaTops, 100 calories, deep chocolate muffin top (1 vitatop)
  • Kellogg’s Special K Protein Greek yogurt and fruit granola snack bar ( 1 bar)
  • Teddy graham graham snacks (10 pieces)
  • South Beach diet snack bar, whipped peanut butter (1 bar)
  • Cheerios mulit-grain cereal, dry (1 cup)
  • Popcorners Kettle popped corn chips (1 oz)
  • Wheat thins toasted chips, Great Plains Mulitgrain (13 chips)

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