5 Warning Signs That You’re Gluten Intolerant

Gluten-intolerance has received a lot of press lately, meaning it’s become almost fashionable. Although it’s a common allergy, a large portion are people have misdiagnosed themselves, just because they get gas after eating bread. Whilst gluten-free products are available, they’re often pricey and difficult to find. If you’re not actually intolerant, you’re just making your life harder, and probably irritating genuine sufferers. Here’s five signs of a gluten intolerance.

1. Rash
Many allergies present with a rash, and gluten intolerances are no exception. When you eat gluten, your body produces antibodies as a defensive measure, which can migrate beneath the skin. This causes raised, itchy, blistered areas of skin, especially around the knees, shoulders, buttocks and face. Although this doesn’t happen in everyone, it’s still quite common, and is often treated as a characteristic sign of a gluten-intolerance. As for the rash itself, there’s little you can do about it, except treat the area with moisturising creams, and avoid eating anymore gluten. Eventually, it will go on its own.

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