7 Awesome Cleaning Tips to Turn Your Dirty Kitchen Clean Again

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That lemon-half method is just one of SEVEN kitchen cleaning tricks Food52 recently shared, and like so many of our favorites, it’s one that never occurred to us but makes so much sense once we consider it. Looking at the rest of the list inspired us to take a look back at some of our favorite kitchen cleaning posts, and of course we had to share what we found with you! What follows is the best of both worlds: seven kitchen cleaning hacks from our archives and from Food52. First up? That lemon-in-the-oven trick.

1 – Combine the power of lemons and your oven to kill fruit flies


Fruit flies are a persistent, hard-to-tackle problem, but this clever tip zaps them fast! Just put two lemon halves in your oven and leave the door propped open overnight. In the morning, close the door and turn the broiler on for a few minutes. Turn it off, let the oven cool, then throw away the lemons and clean the bottom of your oven. No more flies!

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