Here Are 10 Ways to Make Your Groceries Last Longer

Two days ago, I had to do the most disheartening chore of all: I had to cleanse the refrigerator of all the fruits, veggies, and other groceries that I had let spoil. I HAD to; mold was beginning to grow and a stink like no other was taking over my kitchen. It’s always annoying to see perfectly good food get tossed in the trash because you didn’t store them correctly or use them in time. This is a major waste of food and of money. Don’t be like me! Save your groceries and your wallet with these simple tips from Clean My Space. Trust me, when you have a smell-free kitchen and a fridge full of fresh foods, you’ll be happy you watched the video below.

This video follows the first Clean My Space video about storing food and keeping produce fresh for as long as possible. But, of course, there are a lot of foods that you store at home! Too many for one video.

Check out these 10 ten additional helpful food storage tips from Clean My Space.


The best way to keep celery fresh and deliciously crunchy is to actually wrap it in tin foil first. After wrapping your stalks in foil, feel free to keep them in your crisper drawer.

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