Mix Turmeric, Ginger And Coconut Oil And Drink It One Hour Before Bed! The Results In The Morning…AMAZING!

Although the most common cause for an upset stomach is a heavy meal, this can also lead to other problems such as acid re-flux, heartburn and poor digestion.

This article is solely about showing you how to treat an upset stomach in an all-natural way with a homemade remedy that works efficiently. The remedy is a mix of ginger, turmeric and coconut milk, therefore believe us when we tell you that it works miracles when it comes to calming an upset stomach.

The natural remedy works thanks to the rich nutritional content and ingredients that have powerful healing properties. Coconut milk contains antimicrobial properties that fight off digestive diseases, turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that prevents inflammation but it is also known for its other benefits as well, such as:

– It soothes and heals the digestive tract
– It detoxifies the body through stimulation of the liver and bile flow
– It has cured cancer in some cases
-It reduces fever and pain
-It prevents ulcers
-It relieves arthritic pain
-Acts as a blood thinner and improves the circulation

Aside from the ingredients we mentioned above, this natural remedy also contains black pepper and honey for their numerous health benefits they provide to the body.

Here is how to prepare the incredible stomach remedy!

Ingredients you’re going to need:

– ¼ tbsp of black pepper
– 1 piece of sliced ginger/1 tbsp of ginger powder
– 1 tsp of turmeric powder
– 1 tbsp of organic honey
–  2 cups of coconut milk

Preparation process:

Mix all of the ingredients mentioned above in a bowl, without the honey. Cook the mixture in a saucepan for around 5-7 minutes on low heat. Let the drink cool down and then add the honey. Congratulations you’ve got yourself a fast, easy and incredibly efficient remedy for an upset stomach!

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