These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs – Have At Least One Of Them To Clean The Air At Your Home

Plants are a way to control the air quality in your living space. They can clean the air from toxins and mold and create a perfect living environment.

These plants filter the air from any toxins and various building materials, dust, paint etc.

Here are top 6 plants that you must have in your home:


1. Aloe – This plant is great for raising the oxygen level in your home. Also it absorbs carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. A single aloe plant can achieve what nine biological air purifier can.


2. Ficus (FicusElastica) – This plant is very easy to maintain because it does not need a lot of light. It is effective when it comes to cleaning the air of formaldehyde. But be careful if you have small children or pets because the leaves can be poisonous.


3. Ivy (Hedera Helix) – Everyone should definitely have this herb at home. Ivy removes 60% of the toxins in the air and 58% of particles of feces within six hours since it is brought in that area.

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