Press These Points On Your Baby’s Feet To Make Them Stop Crying Immediately

Since babies are more receptive to touch, they are more receptive to reflexology as well. For instance, when the baby is upset, we hold them and rub their back.

There are several reasons for babies cry. Here below are the most common reasons:

Sleepiness or fatigue

Wet or dirty diaper


Overstimulation from noise or activity

Colic, acid reflux, or food allergies

Pain or illness

Reflexology foot guide for babies

Babies are considered more responsive to the practice than adults as they are more receptive to touch. When a baby is upset, we respond by holding them or rubbing their back, which makes reflexology an ideal tool for them. Reflexology is a practice which works by applying pressure on certain points on the body. Pressing these points can treat a host of problems related to different body parts. The guide you can see above shows these body parts and their connection to areas of the babies’ feet.

Reflexology works on pressing certain foot points and thus provides relief in the case of numerous health issues. Therefore, this practice will be suitable for babies to stop them crying in case of numerous health issues.

We will show you how to apply pressure on the baby’s feet and thus solve various health problems.

So here are the parties in the baby Feet that you need to touch To Make Them Stop Crying Immediately!


To treat problems related to head and teeth, you need to work on the tips of the toes. This can reduce the pain caused by ear infections or teething.



The area that affects sinuses on the feet is in the center of the toes. Applying pressure on these spots can reduce the severity of sinus problems such as runny nose or other respiratory problems, and although it isn’t a cure for colds, it will reduce the symptoms enough for your baby to calm down.

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