Scientists Find Root That Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Only 48 Hours

Dandelion Weed: A Cancer Fighter and Immune Booster Plant Can Just Growing on Your Yard

The number of cancer patients seems to increase daily and the panic it has caused the world has not subsided. Because there is still no solid ways of eradicating cancer and there is still no vaccines for this life-threatening disease. But what if there is one common plant that can help reduce the growth of cancer cells? What if a common weed we take off our yards can actually boost our immune system?

You may not know it, but there is a common weed that seem to be very effective against cancer. People around the globe are starting to opt for more natural approach when it comes to cancer. Different types of diet, exercise and natural medicinal treatments have become the option of many instead of having chemo sessions. But these options can still come at a high price and may not be applicable for all. This weed, however, can give hope to many cancer sufferers for cheaper and more convenient solution- the dandelion weed.

Yes, the weed that grows in your lawn and the weed that you want to get rid of every now and then, can be a big help in terms of curing or preventing cancer. The weed that has bright yellow flowers that dry up to a big, white fluff that you or your kids enjoy blowing. Cancer researchers around the world, particularly in Canada, Japan and China, believe that this simple weed may indeed hold the cure for cancer and can promote a better immune system.

How Dandelion Weeds Work?

After series of studies made with the effectiveness of dandelion weed, here are a few things that researchers found out about dandelion weeds. The results of the studies made are relevant to the current need of prevention and, hopefully, cure for cancer and many other life-threatening diseases.

* Dandelion is Filled with Vitamins

If you think dandelion is just another weed and a nuisance to your lawn of garden, then think again. There are proof that dandelions contain important vitamins which can help keep our immune system running smoothly. There are vitamins in dandelions, like Vitamins A and K, which help the body’s organs to function well. With healthy body organs, the body can fight off infections, inflammation and other diseases.

* Dandelion Contains Potent Antioxidants

Because dandelions have vitamins, it also have potent antioxidants. These antioxidants are in great amounts and can help the body have a better immune system. With the immune system in check, the body can fight any cancer cells forming in the body. Free radicals also get eliminated from the body, which helps cleanse the body. High amounts of antioxidants also help in keeping the metabolism in check and the body staying in the right weight.

* Dandelion Can Cleanse the Liver

Our liver is a very important organ and it has one of the biggest task for our body to function well. The liver is a big filter that the body needs in order to keep each organ working well. With a liver not functioning well, you will expect toxins to be filtered from the blood, normalize blood sugar

and metabolize fat faster and more effectively. With a healthy liver and toxins not penetrating the body, you are assured that cancer cells will be halted even before it grows.

* Dandelion Can Help in Hormone Balance

We all know how hormonal imbalance can affect the body. You will gain or lose weight, have mood swings and acquire illness- these are just a few things that a person may experience with unbalanced hormones. And when there is hormonal imbalance, you can be sure that there will be a chance for cancer cells to grow.

With all these benefits combined, you have a potent plant that can help prevent growth of cancer. The use of dandelion for prevention of cancer can be a great breakthrough and can make dandelions more significant than it is now. With more research on dandelions, you’ll definitely hear more news of this ordinary weed.

Which Parts of the Dandelion Weed Can Be Used?

The roots and leaves of the dandelion weed are often used, but there are also uses for the flower. Some people use the greens for sauces and dips, some use the flowers as ingredients for foods, too. Perhaps the earliest medical use for dandelions were done by the ancient Chinese. And now that this weed is finally getting recognition, we surely can get more excited when we see a dandelion growing on our garden or our lawn.

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