Aldi bans neonicotinoids, goes organic, rivals Whole Foods as healthiest grocery store

Aldi is Ditching Neonicotinoids and Going All Organic!

If you want to have all-organic foods, then you have another great place to head for! Just this January 1, one of the largest and leading discount supermarket chain, Aldi, announced that it will get rid of the eight pesticides in their US stores. These pesticides are neonicotoids, known to be very dangerous for the environment and the human body.

Aldi is a German discount supermarket chain which was founded by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1946 in Essen. Since it was founded, it has grown and became one of the biggest companies around the world, with thousands of stores. And because of this bold move to protect the environment and its customers, it will yet be loved by its patrons more. By 2018, the company plans to open 500 more stores in the US in addition to their current 1,500 stores.

Here are the pesticides, and the dangerous side effects of each pesticide, that will be permanently removed from Aldi stores:

* Cypermethrin- can cause itching, burning, skin and eyes irritation, incoordination, seizure, loss of bladder control and possible death.

* Deltamethrin- ataxia, convulsions, tremors, vomiting, dermatitis and vomiting.

* Thiamethoxam- although this is moderately hazardous, it can still affect a person especially when ingested. Some effects include headaches, hypotension and drowsiness.

* Chlorpyrifos- this can cause sweating and excessive saliva, nausea, and headache, muscle spasms, vomiting, weakness, and impaired vision, seizures, paralysis and lung failure.

* Sulfoxaflor- though this pesticide does not have adverse side effects to humans, it is highly toxic to bees which are needed to keep the balance of the environment

* Fipronil- can cause skin irritation, nausea, sweating, headache, vomiting, weakness, stomach pain and seizures.

* Imidacloprid- this pesticide has low toxicity effects on mammals but can highly affect insects which includes helpful ones such as bees.

Because of this action, Aldi sets the bar higher for other US and European companies who are still allowing the use of these pesticides. But the company’s aim does not stop there. Here are a few other great things you can expect from Aldi:

* Around 90% of their sales are their private-label products, and they have removed certified synthetic colors, MSG and partially hydrogenated oils from these products.

* The company will introduce and expand their SimplyNature line which are purely organic products, as well as their lifeGfree products which are gluten-free.

* Their fresh and organic meat produce will be expanded which will include their “Never Any!” products. This product line prides in not containing any animal by-products, antibiotics, hormones and other additives.

* The milk, yogurt, sour cream, and other dairy products will also be free from any growth hormones.

* The company will also expand their high-end foods.

All these changes that Aldi aims to accomplish are in the name of keeping their customers and the environment in a healthier state. It has truly become one of the best companies that answers not only for the profit but for the betterment of their customers and the environment. Because of this, you can be assured that you will have a store you can finally trust.

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