Scientists Tell You Why Making Your Bed Is Disgusting — And Bad for Your Health

Not Fond of Making Your Bed in the Morning? Then You Might be doing the Right Thing!

Our mothers would have taught us to fix our beds as soon as we get up in the morning. And we oblige and get used to it because we believe that we are keeping our bed clean and keep us safe from bed bugs or bed mites, too. However, there are some current studies that suggest not keeping your bed clean and kept everyday may be a better way of eliminating bed mites.

Bed mites are nasty microscopic bugs that thrive in beds and can cause problems to humans, such as allergy. Although there are current methods of eliminating these bed mites, there is a little chance of truly having a mite-free bed. The reason is because bed mites can reproduce easily. These bed mites feed on a person’s dead skin and poops on the bed. An average bed mite can produce waste product for up to 200 times its body weight.

What Makes Mites Scary

Bed mites are big bad news for any person. These small creatures can cause big problems to a person’s health. To make you understand the dangers of bed mites, here are a few things that a person can get when bed mites are not exterminated immediately.

  • Infection

A bed bug bite can hurt and irritate a person, and the infection comes in when the irritated skin is scratched and/or have a cut or opening. The wound or opening from these bed bug bite may come in contact with bacteria that can result to an infection. In order to make sure you will not have any infection, you need to make sure you do not scratch the bed mite bite even the slightest.

  • Allergic Reactions and Respiratory Problems

It is common for bed mites to cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. There will surely be allergic reactions that can happen when a person gets bitten by a bed mite. You may not even notice the bite and may simply label it as a mosquito bite. Another issue is the respiratory problems that are be caused by the casings and feces of bed mites that goes airborne. Once these feces and casings is inhaled, the body may set up a defense system and may cause respiratory issues.

So How Can Not Fixing the Bed be Healthy?

There are some studies that suggests that not fixing the bed every morning may actually help maintain the cleanliness of your bed and the decrease or eliminate the bed bugs, bed mites and dust mites. According to the studies, fixing your bed in the morning means making the bed mites comfortable and have higher chance of survival and reproduction. This means more chances of you getting infected or experiencing a bad bed mite bite.

The ideal breeding and survival areas of bed mites are the dark and humid areas of your bed. This means your pillow and under your mattress. Another factor is the humidity of the room or the bed. If it is around 80% humid in the room, you can bet there are breeding bed mites. If there is no air and your bed do not get its share of the sun, then there will likely be a big breed of bed mites in your bed.

Getting up in the morning and exposing the bed mites on the right time with the harsh sun and moving air can dry up and kill these nasty creatures. But by fixing your bed early in the morning, you are trapping these mites and keeping them alive.

How else can You Keep Yourself Safe from Bed Bugs/Mites

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