7 Signs The Body Will Give You to know If Your Kidney Is In Danger

7 Signs Indicating That You Have Kidney

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in your body.They are essential for filtering the blood and maintaining it stable, preventing a buildup of excess fluids and waste products, regulating the blood pressure, balancing the electrolyte levels, promoting a red blood cell production, as well as keeping the bones strong and healthy.

A compromised kidney function has a negative effect on your overall health, which is why it is extremely important to recognize the warning signs of kidney damage.


Here are the most common symptoms which indicate that your kidneys are being damaged.


If you suffer from kidney damage, you are likely to experience pain in your upper back. The kidney pain is usually one-sided ache in your upper back, commonly accompanied by urinary changes and fever.

In case you are dealing with spasms and severe pain, you could be suffering from some kidney infection or kidney stones.


A kidney failure is often characterized by an appearance of skin rash or severe itching. If your kidneys are unable to remove the waste products from your blood, the waste accumulation can cause dryness and irritation on your skin.

If the occurrence of skin rash is related to kidney damage, you wouldn’t be able to treat it with any ointments and creams.

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