15-Year-Old Puts Cancer Industry to Shame: Develops 100% Accurate Cancer Test Using Google

A 15-Year Old is Changing the World of Cancer Testing

In a modern world with technology growing fast, the cure and testing for cancer is not keeping up. Although there are hundreds of cancer tests and studies are made every day, there are still little known ways of easily detecting cancer and effective cancer tests. And because of this rather slow progress, many people find they have cancer during the late stages.

In the US alone, there is an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer this year according to the National Cancer Institute. And the most common cancer projected for 2016 are prostate cancer, colon cancer, lung and bronchus cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer. With the numbers of cancer cases rising, experts in many countries grow more anxious in finding the best way to test individuals for any signs of cancer at all. And most of these experts rely on their advance medical equipment.

The release of different information about cancer in the World Wide Web, however, has become a way for a 15-year old to create a very easy and accurate cancer test. And this same test is putting experts in shame. Jack Andraka, a local teenager of Crownsville, Maryland, has come up with his own test in order to detect pancreatic Cancer. He is deemed as a teen prodigy because of the early detection method he has formulated, and you’ll be surprised on how he has come up with it.

Jack has his own share of grief because of cancer after losing a friend. And this grief fueled his drive to create a method of early detection of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst type of cancer and also the fourth leading in death caused by cancer. The late detection of this cancer is the number one reason why people die because of this cancer. The expensive and rather old test to detect this cancer is also to blame, which costs around $800 and has a significant 30% chance of miss.

Wanting to change this, Jack gathered all the information he had about pancreatic cancer and started there. And the method he came up was actually something that experts may not have seen coming. And take note that the test Jack created in order to detect pancreatic cancer is 100% accurate and it only uses two of the world’s most reputable websites- Wikipedia and Google. Yes, these common search engines are the only sources of this teenager in order to detect this deadly cancer. Plus it takes no more than 5 minutes to finish the test.

The test that this 15-year old is deemed to be 168 times faster, 400 times more sensitive and definitely cheaper than the 60-year old tests still being given to many patients. This method simply needed an internet connection and a brilliance of a young and purpose driven man. Because of this method, many cancer experts and people from the cancer industry should definitely feel shame. In the world where everyone is going crazy and scrambling for answers, Jack’s patience, strong will and wise view of the world of information and technology can surely make a big difference for many.

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