How the Alkaline Diet Cured My Cancer [A True We’ve Done it Story]

The Struggles and Triumphs of Cancer Patients through Alkaline Diet

How many people have lost their loved ones because of cancer? The word alone brings unimaginable horror and sadness for many. And while experts find the miracle cure or vaccine that may stop the spread of this disease, people open their minds in other options to support cancer patients in their endeavor to survive cancer.

A person’s will can break at some point, and hopes may dwindle as the options in managing the cancer become more invasive and dependent on drugs and chemotherapy. Though some accept this and surrender on the fight, others move on, research and try alternatives that can help alleviate the complications of cancer. Amongst the methods introduced by cancer researchers and experts, alkaline diet is becoming more desired by many cancer patients.

Alkaline diet consists of eating raw or partially cooked alkaline-rich foods. These foods are usually vegetables and fruits which can produce a large amount of alkaline. There are cancer patients who willingly accept this diet not only to survive but to also live a better life. And the usual experience of many cancer patients who pursued this diet is a combination of struggles and success.

 Why is Alkaline Diet Ideal and an Effective Alternative for Cancer Patients?

Our bodies have a certain pH level that we need to maintain in order to assure us a healthy body. The normal pH that indicates good health is 7.2 to 7.5. This pH balance is usually lowered when a person has cancer. Most cancer patients have 4 pH balance. This pH balance indicates that the body is more acidic than usual.

Eating alkaline rich foods is beneficial for cancer patients, lowering the acidity level of the body. By providing the body additional alkaline, the body recovers from the damage made by cancer. The body also slow down or even stop the spread of cancer cells in the body. The alkaline levels restored means a healthier body.

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