The Dangers if Using Microwave Ovens You Should Be Aware Of

Our kitchen should be one of the safest area at home. We make sure all things we use are clean and will not put our family’s lives in danger. However, there are still some everyday items in our kitchen that causes harm and we may fail to notice. One particular item that experts have had their eyes on is the microwave oven.

Yes, the microwave oven you often use for heating your food or beverage. The same microwave oven that opened ready-to-eat food industry is starting to catch negative attention to people in terms of health. Here are a few dangers in using microwave ovens that have been proven by recent studies:

  • Microwave Radiation Coming from Microwave Ovens Leak

Radiation can be deadly especially when exposed in a high amount at a very near area. Radiation is used in the medical field for some cases or diseases, but this does not mean it is fully accepted by health experts. There are still more Microwave ovens often use radiation in order to heat or cook the foods. This radiation, however, can and will leak in a significant amount.

Though the FDA have been strict in the recent models of microwave ovens in terms of radiation leak, there are still no known models which do not leak. What most companies and experts suggest is that you stay far from the microwave while it is running. Studies have proven that radiation exposure from microwaves is lessened as a person distances himself from the working microwave.

  • Microwave can Remove Nutrients

Over the years, people got fond of just popping their foods in the microwave to heat or cook and it became a convenience for many who are always in a hurry. However, there are now a number of studies that proves the danger of losing the much needed nutrients from the foods heated and cooked in microwaves. Because food is exposed in intense heat and radiation, the nutrients food contains gets zapped. We do enjoy hot meals but using microwaves can compromise the nutrients that we want and need to get from our foods.

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