The Magic Onion: Things You Didn’t Know Onions Could Do

The Miracles of Onions You can Surely Benefit From

The pungent smell of onion can either entice you or drive you away, but you cannot deny that onion is truly a healthy vegetable. This is why it has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for simple illnesses. This wonderful vegetable also allows the food to taste and smell better, which helps us enjoy food more.

If you are still looking for a vegetable that you can use every day and benefit from well, onion is your best bet. Despite its reputation of affecting your breath and making you cry, the best miracles of onion are worth it and will totally be beneficial for your body!

1- It Can Prevent Tooth Decay

It might sound ironic, but even though onion can make your breath smell unpleasant, it is very effective against tooth decay. Onion has a strong astringent that can wipe away bacteria and strengthen your teeth when chewed raw. Onions are natural toothpaste of sort, and chewing on it for about two to three minutes can help your mouth stay clean and germs free. Just make sure you can bear taste since it can be a little spicy and bitter.

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