How to Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet in 21 Days


“We need to wean ourselves off. We need to de-sweeten our lives. We need to make sugar a treat, not a diet staple,” Dr. Lustig told The Guardian in 2013. Indeed, sugar is the number one reason of Diabetes and Obesity. And it is also commonly associated with heart disease, high blood pressure and a possibility of cancer. There’s a difference between added sugar and natural sugars. Natural sugar comes from unprocessed, fresh foods.

Added sugars, on the other hand, are empty calories with nutritional benefits. These are just sweeteners that can be found on every food nowadays. While natural sugars can be found in vegetable and fruits, which is good for you. One teaspoon of sugar consists of 16 calories, it may look not much but if you add them up intentionally or unintentionally you can be in a higher risk of these diseases. It is therefore, safe to say that wiping them out of your body can help you stay out of the danger zone!

Cutting off sugar will be a challenge but it will bring you a good outcome in losing weight and a healthier life. “The objective of this guideline is to provide recommendations on the consumption of free sugars to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases in adults and children,” WHO explained, “with a particular focus on the prevention and control of weight gain and dental caries.”


Let go of your everyday guilty pleasures. Take away the sugary packed foods in your fridge. As the saying goes “You are what you eat” make sure you know what you have taken in into your body. Be cautious in every sugary food you encounter; you can even put some stickers on it saying “WARNING: HIGH SUGAR ALERT!”. “As you were not feeding your addiction, your brain was shouting out to have sugar to satisfy its cravings,” says Rebecca Boulton, a nutritional therapist who specializes in hormonal health and sugar cravings. Lastly, you must have a plan B, in case you get hungry along the way, you can just snuck in a banana or any low sugary bar in your pocket.

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