See Where You’re Getting Fat and We’ll Tell You How to Fix It


A lot of body issues and health concerns are raised by people nowadays. People have become more conscious of their wellness and how their body look. What we hear more often is the issue on body fats, which may lead to or may be a manifestation of the dreaded condition, Obesity. It is an issue that should not be taken for granted, as it may lead to more serious conditions. Under those fat flabs are underlying illnesses that puts your body at risk.

Fats are seen, if not in the entire body of a person, in some parts of the body. These fat distributions are called android (fat distribution pattern more commonly seen among men) and gynoid (fat distribution pattern more commonly seen in women). In this article, we will locate these ‘fat points’ and give solutions on how to trim the fats down.

In order to understand how to eliminate body fats, let us first have a look at the android fat patterns:

Upper body Obesity

Starting from the nape to the neck, down to the stomach, back and arms, this ‘fat point’ is developed because of lack of exercise and too much consumption of sweets. Of course, the solution is to cut down from sweets and going back to the gym.

Swollen Stomach Obesity

Excessive alcohol consumption and/or breathing difficulties are causes of this fat point. Avoid too much alcohol consumption. Breathing exercises can also be helpful in eliminating the fats in this body part.

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