Recipe To Remove Uric Acid From Joints

Have you heard that cucumber juice has the power to decrease body temperature? Yes, it does so by creating alkaline environment in the body and has the ability to eliminate uric acid crystals from joints. In combination with celery it has a very powerful effect in toxins elimination and relieving inflammation. It is effective and if you feel pain in your throat while drinking it, it is a sign that it’s working.


    • 1 young ginger (1 inch-sized piece);
    • 1 lemon slice;
    • 2 celery stalks;
    • 1 medium-sized cucumber.

Preparation and the usage:

  1. First clean all the ingredients well, then cut the cucumber and the celery into slices, then slice half of the lemon, keeping the rest in the fridge.
  2. Next, shred the ginger root.
  3. Then  combine all of them into a delicious juice
  4. Consume this drink  1-2 times a day until you feel improvements.


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