Varicose veins is common health condition which is manifested with abnormally enlarged veins that appear close to the skin’s surface. In most cases, they occur in the calves and thighs when the veins develop weakened walls or poorly functioning valves, which regulate blood flow.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that varicose veins affect an estimated 25 % of women and 10 % of men.

This condition is quite uncomfortable as it can cause pain, fatigue, restlessness, and feelings of burning, throbbing, tingling or heaviness in the legs. The appearance of bulging veins is also a concern for many people.

In this article we are going to write about TI, who had that problem for 20 years. TI often searched for the real reason why. TI was following what’s going on, and found that capillaries are not spreading quickly, but they have spread significantly in the last 3 months, because of standing a lot and walked into some kind of medical flip -flops.

There are several reasons that accelerate the process of varicose veins, such as standing, sitting, also uncomfortable shoes with too high or low heels. Pregnancy does also, mostly during the second pregnancy. Another important factor is nutrition. It is crucial to consume enough animal protein and plenty of vitamin C, to prevent the weakening the vein walls.

Sugar and trans fatty acids cause body inflammation. In fact, they indirectly can weaken capillary walls, and you should avoid them.

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