Burn Bay Leaves in the House and See What Would Happen in just 10 Minutes

We find aroma as a great way to relieve us from stress and/or depression. Aroma therapy has come a long way and is still one of the best way to relax even at home. While others use oil or candles, others find the best aroma from leaves. If you’ve noticed, there are aromatic leaves that you use every day on your meals. And these leaves can release beneficial aromas by burning them slowly.
Burning leaves is an ancient technique that dates back to ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. One example of the leaves that our ancestors burned is bay leaf. Bay leaves are commonly used for cooking. In cooking, bay leaves can help you reduce inflammation, reduce hypertension, and even control insomnia and blood cholesterol level.

But cooking is not just the only way to benefit from bay leaves because but burning them slowly can actually benefit you as well. Burning bay leaves can alleviate the stress you may be experiencing or even change your mood. There are still many who burn bay leaves as support for treatment of epilepsy.

How to Properly Burn Bay Leaves

If you want to maximize the aroma of bay leaves, make sure you have a heat resistant bowl or an ashtray ready. There are people who prefer fresh leaves, but you may also use dried bay leaves. Dry leaves are recommended by many since it has a stronger smell. Light the leaves and let it burn slowly. You’ll find your home engulfed in an aromatic smell that will instantly soothe your body and mind. If you do have kids, place your bowl or ashtray on a high place which they cannot reach.

When You Burn Bay Leaves, You Will:

  • Have a calmer nervous system.
  • Have a stronger immune system.
  • Have an improved mental activity.
  • Sweat effectively which can help you lose weight.
  • Relieve your body from pain or inflammation.

Indeed, bay leaves are a wonder and you must take advantage of its benefits. Burning these leaves will truly make a difference not only for your mood but also for your whole body.

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