1. Decide how many and which meals you plan to make.

2. Make a shopping list. The shopping list provided is to make all 10 recipes but does not include any of the serving suggestions.

3. Shop

4. Day of freezer meal prep- collect all needed supplies, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, fun music and snacks are always smart too.

5. Print out recipes to have handy without having to worry about spills getting on an electronic device.

6. Label gallon zipper-top freezer bags with recipe name, date, ingredients that will need to be added to the slow cooker (such as water or broth and how much) on cooking day, and cook time.

7. To make the freezer meals: Place all of the ingredients that are listed under the recipe title into the corresponding labeled gallon zipper-top freezer bag. Fold the top of the bag over and freeze lying flat.

8. On cooking day, take the meal bag from the freezer, run it under warm water to loosen the contents from the bag, add the contents of the bag to the slow cooker, add additional ingredients as needed (broth or water), and cook according to directions.

9. Salt and pepper have been added sparingly, so taste and adjust seasonings before serving.

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