Acupuncture: Your Perfect Solution for Insomnia and Sleepless Nights

Millions of people around the world suffer from sleepless nights. Insomnia and sleep disorders have become a big issue since studies have proven how these can cause serious illnesses including heart diseases, obesity, dementia and even cancer. There are still a large number of people who seem to only rely on sleeping pills and other drugs in order to have a good night sleep. However, even these drugs become ineffective in the long run because the body starts tolerate of the effects.

Acupuncture and Sleep

One method that has caught the attention of many who suffer from insomnia is LV3 acupuncture, also known as Tai Chong. Acupuncture is an ancient method of applying pressure or thin needles on pressure points. There are different methods used and some are combined in order to stimulate relief for the body.  Tai Chong or LV3 acupuncture is known to focus more on pressure points that can stimulate sleep, relaxation, relief from stress and lowering blood cholesterol.

LV3 acupuncture focuses on one part of the foot, which is the fleshy webbing located in the middle of the big and second toe. It is believed that applying pressure on it with your finger or pointing it for around four to five seconds can stimulate sleep. There are some studies held to prove the effectiveness of this method and most came out positive.

Other Acupuncture Pressure Points that can Stimulate Sleep

Aside from LV3, there are other acupuncture points in your body which can promote better sleep. Here are a few of these acupuncture points that you might also want to stimulate before going to sleep:

Wind Mansion (Point A)- this is the large hollow located at the base of the skull. Pressing this for a few seconds can relieve stress and insomnia.

Third Eye Point (Point G)- this is the space between your eyebrows, where the forehead meets the nose bridge. Applying pressure on it for a few seconds allows you to relax your central nervous system.

The Sea of Tranquility (Point H)- this is the center of your breastbone and holding it for a few seconds relieves you from chest congestion. This allows you to breathe better and relax.

Joyful Sleep or the Inner Ankle Bone- the name itself implies that you can have a deep and joyful slumber when this pressure point is pressed for a few seconds.

Calm Sleep or the Outer Anklebone- applying pressure on this point allows your body to have a relaxed sleep throughout the night.

What Else can be Done for a Better Sleep?
Of course, relying on acupuncture alone cannot fully guarantee a relaxed sleep all the time. You need to help yourself get the right amount of sleep naturally. A light stretching before you go to sleep can help your muscles relax and increase blood flow throughout your body. A gentle arm and leg stretch and a soft massage on your shoulders can help keep your body calm down.

Deep and slow breath in a comfortable position also help induce natural sleep for your body. Before popping on a pill, start doing these things and start having a safer, deeper way to sleep.

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