Make Your Clothes Look Like New With This Simple Trick!

Hey Sarah is here… Today I want to share with you a trick About How to make your Clothes Look Like New!

There’s nothing worse than stains on new clothes that won’t go away. Doing the laundry is not a thing many people enjoy, but it’s a chore that must be done no matter what. Luckily, there is a simple and cheap process that will remove all the stains from your clothes and keep them fresh and clean.

Soak your stained clothes in warm water mixed with half a glass of white vinegar overnight, then wash them in the morning as usual.

White vinegar works similar to a softener, and is a great solution against sweat stains on your shirt’s armpits. You should add half a glass of white vinegar in the washing machine as it improves the effect of the detergent. Adding white vinegar in your washing machine will also keep your clothes soft and prevent detergent deposits.

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