How to Remove Wrinkles Without An Iron (VIDEO)

Who is interested in ironing? I guess no one. Ironing is one of the most boring chores around the house. Wrinkled clothes are a terrible thing, especially when in a hurry.

Luckily, we are going to show you one trick that will help you save time and effort. It is about putting ice cubes in your dryer. Instead plugging in your iron, now you can remove wrinkles without using one.

How it works?

All you are going to need are ice cubes and a dryer. Place your wrinkled item in the dryer and add the ice cubes. Set your dryer on high and leave for 5 minutes. Once you remove the item from the dryer, it will wrinkles-free.

Now you can unwrinkle everything with this trick.

This trick is effective if you have a couple of shirts, or maybe a shirt and a pair of pants. The trick won’t work if you put jeans, heavy fabrics, or too many clothes in the dryer.

Also, you just need 2-3 ice cubes, not a handful, no matter the size of your dryer. The ice cubes melt to water when you turn on the dryer to high heat. The steam along with the hot temperatures smooth out the wrinkles.

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