Is the Orchid Dead Yet? Here is The Secrets to rehabilitate your orchid

Some of you have either bought an orchid for yourself or received on as a gift. If your luck as anything like ours, it usually waits a casual month or (if you’re lucky) two before it kicks the bucket. Or, at the very least, all of the pretty flowers wither and fall off and you’re left with a leafy green thing with a long stem. But don’t trash your failed attempt at orchiding just yet, we’ve found some great advice from Rad Megan’s blog on how to rehabilitate your poor orchids back to life and, with the proper care, enjoy for years.

Megan’s recipe for success/orchid rehabilitation:

  1. Bright, indirect sunlight
  2. A moderate temperature (something you would be comfortable sitting in without a sweater)
  3. Distilled water
  4. A good potting mix

Megan’s Orchid potting mix:

  • 3 cups orchid bark
  • 1 cup perlite
  • 1 cup spaghnum moss

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