What’s Your Personality Type According to the Way You Hold Your Fist

Psychologists have known for decades that people express their personalities through nonverbal cues. The most famous book about this phenomenon is Studies in Expressive Movement, written in 1933 by Gordon Allport and Phillip Vernon. The researchers found that they could reliably use body language to determine whether people were extroverts or introverts. They could also deduce whether test subjects had type A or type B personalities from the speed of their movements.

Given that the body has so much power to express people’s personalities, it’s no surprise that hand movements can reveal inner personality traits. If you want to learn what personality type you are, quickly make a fist without thinking about it or looking at your hand. Check what kind of fit your body makes naturally. The three common ways to make a fist are associated with three different sets of characteristics.

1. Thumb On Top
If you make a fist with fingers clenched and thumb resting relaxed on top of your hand, you have a sensitive, insecure external personality. You have a strong imagination, a lot of curiosity, and an ironic sense of humor. Internally, you crave protection and want to be treated with respect. In romantic relationships, you may have a hard time expressing your emotions, which could lead to your partner feeling unloved. Despite your desire for honesty, you may be dishonest in your romantic life.

2. Thumb Tucked
If you clench your fist with your thumb curled and tucked like a boxer, your external personality is creative, charming, and intelligent. You are a hard worker with high self-esteem and a surfeit of confidence.

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