Super Green Detox Drink That Will Remove All Toxins And Fat From Your Body

Fresh juices are the perfect drink to satisfy all your needs. They’re sweet, nutritive and give you enough energy throughout the entire day. Drinking freshly squeezed juices every day will keep you healthy, detox your organism and help you flush out all the toxins from your body. Moreover they can help you boost weight loss, just remember that you need to reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 calories if you want to shed that extra pounds away.

We’ve prepared for you the best juice combinations, you just need to stock up on fruits and veggies and enjoy their benefits. Mix them up with some ice in a 2:1 ratio, 2 parts juice, 1 part ice.

Best fruit juices:

  • Apple and pear
  • Cranberry, grape and prune
  • Apple, pear and pineapple
  • Orange and grapefruit
  • Apple and watermelon

Best green juices:

    • Celery, spinach, tomato, and dill
    • Cucumber, parsley, celery, and ginger
    • Celery, kale, tomato, garlic, and sweet basil
    • Celery, spinach, cabbage, dill, and lemon
    • Spinach, tomato, garlic, ginger, and cayenne

Best combination juices:

  • Green apple, strawberry, cucumber, kale, and mint
  • Blueberry, raspberry, cabbage, cucumber, and mint
  • Pineapple, watermelon, mango, and orange bell pepper
  • Pineapple, orange, watermelon, spinach, and cayenne
  • Orange, lemon, lime, and ginger

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