‘Bad news: I’m dead.’ This mum’s goodbye letter made 100000 Facebook fans laugh and cry at the…

You can either go out with dignity and grace or go out with worry and despair.

36-year-old Heather McManamy from Wisconsin decided against both. She decided to go out with a guns blazing attitude that you rarely ever see from someone so young who is diagnosed with breast cancer and is eventually informed that she will only have 6 weeks to live. The mom decided that rather than worry and sink into despair, she’d write some letters. One was to her 4 year old daughter, Brianna. It contained much advice and what she had to look forward to from school to a first kiss to a driver’s license.

The next letter was to friends and family. Heather passed away, and her husband decided to post the epic goodbye letter for the world to see. Little did Heather know that she would leave behind an attitude towards dying and death that would cause such a positive stir in so many, while reframing their own thinking about how to handle the inevitable.



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