The Spin on Aspartame

The Spin on Aspartame

The Spin on Aspartame

Do a quick google search for “aspartame,” and we can guarantee that the results will take you literally days to wade through.

There’s more than enough information, research, and speculation out there on the subject to fill encyclopedias, and this article only briefly outlines the subject. We wanted to focus on a small part of the debate:
We wanted to look at the folks who keep telling us that it’s safe: the  so called ‘experts’. Experts in the government, medical field, the people who keep patting us on the head and telling us not to worry, that if aspartame was dangerous, they’d tell us.
Being skeptics has never helped. The more someone pats you on the head, the more you start looking for something up their sleeve.
Let us be clear: We have been deceived about the safety of a dangerous product, and all in the name of corporate profits.

Before you read on, check out the video in the next page:

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