Here’s an Easy and Effective Way to Eliminate Fruit Flies

Of all the gifts that warm weather brings, there’s pretty much just ONE we’d like to return and never see again: fruit flies. The tiny, persistent gnats have an ability to demoralize us that belies their size, if only because their appearances make our previously sparkling kitchens seem so dirty. They’re also super tricky to get rid of, with their eggs’ ablility to hatch even after the visible adults have been killed. Sometimes the solutions – usually involving vinegar – can leave our homes a little stinky, too. So what to do? Whip up this easy trap from Grant Thompson, “The King of Random” that only uses a lemon and a Tupperware container, and might even leave your kitchen smelling great, too. Check it out!

So did you catch how that’s done? Let’s recap!

You’ll Need

– A small plastic container with a lid
– A lemon

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