The Hands Of This 46-Year-Old Looked Like She Had 70 But When Her Friend Told Her This Secret Recipe, She Couldn’t Recognize Her Hands

Our hands are constantly being used and are one of the most exposed body part, which is why they’re the first to show signs of the aging process. The skin on our hands is very sensitive, but you can protect it with some natural remedies and a little effort.

The back of our hands has almost no fat, which makes them lose elasticity over time. Constantly washing your hands as well as the toxins from the environment just add more fuel to the fire, and your hands begin to age noticeably. However, the following advices will help you keep them in shape and slow down the aging process.


Eggs are great for restoring the elasticity of your skin. Just take a couple of egg whites and mix them with a tablespoon of honey, then apply the mixture on your hands and leave it to dry. Rinse with warm water and soap in the end and repeat the process every day.

Rosehip oil

This oil is very nutritious and will help you restore the elasticity of your skin. Massage your hands with olive oil every day and you will soon see the results.

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