Feeling Bloated? This is Why and What You Should Do to Relieve Constipation and Bloating in a Few Minutes

Just like everyone else, you surely hate the feeling that you have swallowed a balloon. Therefore, you should consider implementing some dietary changes and avoid the foods which cause stomach bloating or constipation at the first place.

First of all, we will list the foods that are the main culprits for bloating and indigestion, so you should avoid them in order to prevent additional problems:

Dairy products

The excessive consumption of cheese, milk, and yogurt may lead to bloating and gases, so you should turn to flax, almond, coconut, or soy milk.


The body finds it hard to process the oligosaccharide in beans, so in order to lose part of the sugars in beans, soak the beans before you cook them.

Salty foods

Sodium causes water retention, so you should reduce the intake of salt to 2,300 mg daily.

Broccoli, cabbage, and asparagus

The raffinose in these foods, which is a sugar type that is hard for the body to digest until it reaches the large intestine, causes bloating. Therefore, you should consume these in moderate amounts.

Soft drinks

Soda and beer release carbon dioxide, which causes bloating of the stomach.

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