USDA Says: Okay To Ship U.S. Chickens to China for Cheap Processing Then Back Home For You to Eat

The USDA ended the ban on the processed chicken imports from China, meaning that they are now sold all over the United States without specified country of origin.

Therefore, do you like the idea that you might consume chicken nuggets made in China, without the supervision of USDA inspectors?

Let’s now consider facts. This year alone, there was an outbreak of the among live fowl in fresh meat markets in China! Moreover, numerous dead pigs were found in the waters of Shanghai, rat meat was passed off and many other scandals! Do you this that the decision of the USDA is wise?

First of all, the chickens will be slaughtered in the U.S. and then shipped to China for processing and re-export.

However, New York Times claims that no USDA inspectors will be present in the Chinese processing plants, so people who consume the chickens will have no guarantees of the origins of the meat they are supposed to consume.

Additionally, as the birds will be processed, the USDA will not demand point-of-origin labeling, as their policy asks no point-of-origin labeling for cooked foods.

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