Anyone Can Make These 3-Ingredient Cookies

The only way fresh, made-from-scratch cookies can get any better is if they’re made with only a few ingredients. Say…three? This simple and delicious recipe uses the three staples of baking to create a batch of some truly yummy baked goods. If you have flour, butter, and sugar, you can make these 3-ingredient cookies, and if you don’t have those staples lying around you kitchen, they’re extremely inexpensive to pick up! A perfect last-minute recipe to make for company or a surprise bake sale, these cookies are pure bliss in every way. Watch the video below to see how they’re made.

The hardest part about this recipe for me was determining the best part of it all.

Is it the simplicity of these three, cheap ingredients? The way these delicious shortbread cookies melt in your mouth when you bite into them? Ultimately, after much debate, I decided my favorite part is the presentation of these cookies.

I love their neat little square-shape (which, by the way, you don’t have to shape them that way), the rustic color of the dough, and I love that you could even personalize these cookies with a stamp or initial! This dessert is truly a blank slate to make all your own.

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