Mystery of Rh Negative Blood Type

Whether people are genetically manipulated or are just descendants of aliens from another solar system? Why do people with RH negative blood type have a high IQ? Why do they feel like they are different than others?Many mysteries are hidden in human health in blood and DNA.
85 percent of people have a monkey gene called Rhesus (Rh factor) and was named after the rhesus monkey. This gen was found in his blood for the first time.

Blood Type

Do you have RH negative blood type? If you, your origin is almost mythological. The explanations is that no explanation. RH negative blood is resistant to many diseases, and the HIV virus – argue some scientists.

A lot of theories claims that the people with Rhesus negative blood type may not be from this world. They are aliens or angels fallen from the sky. It’s clear that people with RH negative blood type are unique.

They are different and special people. A lot of scientific today are investigating this blood type. They want to find out its origins. She is connected with some groups of people which lived before 35.000 years ago.

This blood type is common among people in Europe.Scientists are doing research to find the difference between RH positive and RH negative blood type.People with Rhesus negative 0 blood type can donate blood to all blood types. On the other side they can get blood just from the same blood type.

This blood type belongs to only 10 % from population.We have 4 blood types, which are A, B, AB and 0. Difference between them is the presence of proteins in blood.

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