Why You Should Use Vinegar When You Wash Towels

There’s nothing worse than getting out of a hot shower and going to wrap up in a nice warm, cozy towel…just to find that the towel reeks of mustiness. Instead of smelling that fresh smell of clean-linen, you’re often met face-first with a kind of stale, moldy smell from your towels. And nobody wants that.

Why do our towels tend to stink, even after we’ve washed them?

Well, when towels are put away while still partially wet, they tend to develop a sour odor. Ironically, another source of towel odor comes from detergent/fabric softener build-up. These build-ups also cause towels to loose their softness and absorbency.bath-towels

So if you’re washing your towels as per usual, and even using fabric softener, what are you doing wrong? How is there another way to clean towels that will nix that musty stink?You don’t have to wash your towels in some strange, different way, all you have to do is add one extra special ingredient to your towel load: white vinegar.

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