8 Surprising Ways To Use ChapStick You Might Not Know About

There’s nothing like getting a little bit of extra use out of a product that you have lying around your house anyway.

If you’re as thrifty as we are over here at LittleThings, that means trying to get as much use as possible out of everything — just check out all of the non-cooking uses of olive oil to see this ethos in action!

The fact of the matter is, most things have more than one use, and we should all be taking advantage!

There’s no point in spending money on different products for every different dilemma, when one product could be taking care of them all in one fell swoop.

So naturally enough, when we see a tube of ordinary lip balm, we don’t just see a product that can heal our chapped lips, we see a miracle cure for just about everything that ails us!

Scroll through the gallery below to see a few of our favorite uses for this unassuming household product.

#1: Protect Against Blisters
Getting a new pair of shoes is great, but the blisters that come with them? Not so much.

Next time you buy a new pair of flats that will take a few wears to break in, prepare your feet by smearing lip balm on your skin.

Find all the places the shoes rub (like the back of the heels) and liberally coat in balm to prevent those stinging blisters.

#2: Remove A Ring
There’s a special kind of anxiety involved in getting a ring stuck on your finger.

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