Study: This Natural Tea Removes Plaque Better Than Commercial Mouthwash

Numerous people rinse with mouthwash on a daily basis, in order to support their oral health. Yet, if not used properly, the mouthwash can actually endanger your health.

Research has linked various commercial mouthwashes, including Listerine, to the raised risk of oral cancer. Statistics points out that nearly 48,000 Americans and over 640,000 people around the world are diagnosed with this cancer type annually.

Oral cancer can develop on the mouth floor, on the cheeks or gums, as well as on the tongue. Newest studies suggest that mouthwashes may be responsible for numerous cases of development of oral cancer.

Namely, these products contain alcohol, numerous chemicals, and toxins, which endanger oral health every time you gargle. We will list some of the most common ingredients in mouthwashes, so you can indicate the potential risks f their use:

Alcohol: Alcohol leads to bad breath, as it dries out the mucous membranes and lowers the amount of saliva. Moreover, it destroys the balance of pH in the throat and mouth. According to the Dental Journal of Australia, alcohol significantly raises the risk of developing oral, head and neck cancers.

Chlorhexidine: Researchers claim that this chemical in mouthwash increases blood pressure.

The journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine published a study which confirmed that the use of mouthwash twice a day raises blood pressure and causes serious heart issues. Also, this chemical destroys the good bacteria in the body, whose role is to relax the blood vessels.

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