Mom And Dad Pose For A Photo. But Doctors Notice Something Strange About Their Baby’s Faces…

Levi Nelson and Amber Ertley thought they were done having children. They already had two healthy girls, a small house, and a car already filled to capacity.

Then Amber found out she was pregnant again… but the ultrasound detected three heartbeats. She had just found out she was having triplets!

As Amber went into the hospital to have her triplets via C-section, all appeared to be well. However, as the procedure was carried out, her health rapidly began to deteriorate.

Amber’s heart stopped twice after the third baby came out. The doctors were able to revive Ertley with the help of a blood transfusion. She is doing better now but she almost didn’t make it.

As if the story couldn’t get any more surprising, they all were stunned when they realized that the three little babies had one thing in common.

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