6 Easy Remedies To Make Your House Bug-Free (Without Chemicals)

Most people do not enjoy having spiders and other pests around their house. Sometimes, just seeing a spider is enough to give you the willies. If you have recently noticed an infestation of spiders or other bugs, you can relax – there are plenty of natural methods for eliminating spiders from your home.

Using common household items, you can keep spiders away. Here are some natural ways to prevent spiders from being in your home, other than burning them with fire.

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1 – Use Cedar

Cedar is naturally insect and spider resistant. Whenever you use wood outdoors, such as for a patio or decking, use cedar. It will keep bugs away and is less prone to rot. You can also use cedar mulch around your home, to create a protective barricade around your house. Indoors, you should consider using cedar for hangers, dressers, and cupboards.

2 – Keep Your Yard Clean

Keeping up with your yard work is a good spider deterrent. Get rid of leaves, grass clippings, or piles of wood. These are common areas for spiders to hang out. Keep up with your yard work throughout the year and regularly inspect the perimeter of your home for any areas where spiders and bugs may get through.

3 – Use Citrus

Bugs, including spiders, hate citrus. If you have areas of your home where spiders tend to congregate, rub the walls, baseboards, or window sills with citrus peels from your oranges, lemons, or limes.

4 – Use Peppermint Oil

Purchase a bottle of peppermint essential oil and pour into a spray bottle. Whenever you notice a spider web, spray the area lightly with your peppermint oil spray. Not only will this keep spiders away, it will leave the area smelling great.

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