This Will Make Your Clothes Bright White And Fresh Like Spring. No Chemicals, Cheap And Easy!

Let’s face it – washing clothes can be quite a bother. Take for instance the plethora of laundry detergents on the market, which doesn’t make it any easier for you to choose the right one.

But then, if you want to save your time, money and nerves, you can opt for a single common ingredient to use in every wash. The thing is, some white vinegar into your washing machine drum can give you these 10 advantages.

Start by putting the laundry in your washing machine then pour about half a cup of vinegar on the clothes. This will intensify the effect of ordinary laundry detergent, but also prevent colors from fading. Plus, vinegar will reduce the soapy residue you often find on your clothes after washing.

Next, pour some vinegar in the fabric softener compartment in your washing machine. It should replace the fabric softener you normally use. You’ll get the same effect on your clothes, if not better because vinegar is softer. Plus, it’s more environmentally-friendly. The acid in vinegar is also efficient in removing sweat and deodorant stains on white clothing.

If you are using powder forms of laundry detergents, you’ve probably noticed the residue that remains on clothing after washing. This laundry residue can easily irritate sensitive skin. But if you add half a cup of white vinegar into your wash cycle, you can easily do away with this.

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