There is a Blood Type diet that is made for especially anyone in particular uniquely.

Fad diets are modern and hip but they come and go. But, if you stick to a plan for more years it is a regime, not really a short time diet.

The blood type diet or BTD was made in 1996 and also published by Peter J. D’Adamo, ND.Eat right for your type: the individualized diet solution for staying healthy, living longer & also achieving your ideal weight (Putnam, 1996). After 14 years of this publication, this is still number one on Amazon. But, is it really good?


When I was a kid, I disliked meat. While other kids enjoyed burgers, I ate PB and J or stir fry and also whole wheat. I was vegetarian. I was special and unique because of this regime.

As I aged I got deeper in those philosophies and at college I became vegan. I stopped altogether with the dairy and eggs and started to eat only seeds, nuts, oils, beans, grains and produce. I felt good, my body didn’t. And I had problems like hand rash, or hip pain, congestion, aches in joints, dandruff and dry skin. Also eczema, pimples and all this made me sleep less at night.

I started to learn more about medicine. Two dermatologists said I had dermatitis and gave me steroid creams. I disliked this and I wanted to know deeper and more on this issue.

A naturopath said I had candida in the intestines and said I should eat less sugars, pickled foods, yeast foods and fermented food. Even the sight of cake made me feel bad.

Then, at last I got in touch with Gina T. Ogorzaly, DC, chiropractor and cofounder of Diamondback Wellness Center, New Mexico Albuquerque.

I told her my blood type right away, O positive and I got confused. She already knew what to do.

Than she nodded and handed a 0-precise chart with 3 food categories: beneficial, neutral and bad.

She said I need to eat veggies and red meats mostly and avoid the grains and wheat. The type 0 Is a hunter, a meat eater.

I was stunned. Meat? Me? No way! Even if she was right, what now? I would more likely suffer, than eat meat!

But that was a no-no situation. I was not a martyr and I needed to keep my health. And so I started to eat that way.

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