How to Recognize Which Headache is Dangerous

The pain in any region of the head is a headache. Headaches may occur on one or both sides of the head, or be isolated to a certain location.

They may appear suddenly or gradually, and can come as throbbing sensation, a sharp pain or dull ache, and they may last shorter than an hour or up to a few days.

Nevertheless, what is important is to know which types of headaches are dangerous and indicate that you must visit a doctor, and which ones are harmless.

Unusual Migraines

Here below are a few cases and properties of unusual migraines:

  • Along with the headache, you suffer from confusion, memory loss, difficulty moving extremities and loss of balance
  • When headaches occur with fever, nausea, or vomiting and are not linked to other health issues
  • Headaches that develop after age 50
  • If the frequency, location, and severity of headaches changes frequently
  • The worst headache you have ever experienced
  • Headache linked with shortness of breath
  • Accompanied by seizures
  • In case your migraines limit your ability to work and participate in everyday activities
  • When your headaches get worse each day
  • Hampers vision and speech
  • If you experience headaches after activities like sex, weight lifting or jogging

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