How To Clear A Stuffy Nose In 1 Minute

Are you suffering with clogged sinuses? There is a simply way to do it, and all you need is your Thumb and your tongue!

It is also an unfortunate fact that sinus infections infect around 37 million Americans each year. A sinus infection is when your nasal passages become inflamed; a whole host of problems can lead to a sinus infection including Viruses, bacteria, and even allergies. Colds do not usually cause sinus infections, but they do offer a breeding ground for them.
“You touch your nose a lot when you’re sick, and each time you bring more bacteria to the sinuses,” she says. “Because your sinuses can’t drain, the bacteria stay there and grow.”

Sinus Infection Symptoms:

  • Look for the following symptoms:
  • Sinus pressure behind the eyes and the cheeks
  • A runny, stuffy nose that lasts more than a week
  • A worsening headache
  • Slight dizziness when shifting position
  • A fever
  • Cough
  • Bad breath
  • Thick yellow or green mucus draining from your nose or down the back of your throat (postnasal drip)
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased sense of smell

What to do?

Many people become fed up with their loss of smell and they immediately head to the doctor’s office. The second most common thing is over medicating yourself with conventional drugs, but there is no need for them though! There are many natural treatments that work better than the drugs.

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