9 Signs You’re Overstressed (And Don’t Know It)

Stress can be a very dangerous thing, especially because it’s usually masked under some pretty vague symptoms, making it nearly impossible to detect. However, you don’t do something to unwind and relax it can become the root cause of a number of conditions.

Here are 9 of the tell-tale signs that you’re overstressed and you don’t even know it!


When we’re in pain we tend to ignore it until it becomes unbearable, which is completely wrong. Every pain in our body needs to be addressed, especially because it can indicate a more serious issue. Stress can cause your body to start breaking down, leading to stomach issues, diarrhea, ulcers, tense muscles, chest pains and palpitations. Your entire body will start aching, your arthritis will kick in and the headaches will become more intense. Never ignore these pains, address the issue and accept the fact that you’re pushing yourself too hard. Managing your stress begins with accepting and become aware that things must change.


If your sleep patterns have recently changed, be it too much sleeping due to exhaustion or insomnia, you need to change something. You’re probably overstressed and your body finds the Most Unexceptional way it can to cope with the stress. Meditation, exercise and a healthier diet can help you with the sleep problems, but the root cause should be discovered and dealt with properly. Do you worry a lot before you go to bed? Are you having nightmares? Whatever happens throughout the day can linger on in your subconscious and cause you sleep problems. Stress can interfere with your inner peace. Even though your sleep habits can change as you age, when you’re overstressed your sleep is the first thing that gets affected.


Any unexplained weight fluctuations can be a result of stress. It can slow down your metabolism and you’ll start gaining weight. If you suddenly lose your appetite and the pound start shedding away it can also be a result of stress, every person reacts differently to stress. Whatever the case, you should address the issue and fix the problem.

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