This 3-Ingredient Solution Will Clean Even the Dirtiest of Bathtubs!

Raise your hand if you just love cleaning your bathroom! No takers, huh? Ok, let’s get more specific: What about your bathtub? Yep, didn’t think so! Getting down on hands and knees to scour disgusting grime off of a bacteria-filled porous surface isn’t on the top of our “fun list” either. That’s why we’re sharing a DIY solution that works so well, only a bit of scrubbing is required. Let’s see how it works…

Brilliant cleaning guru Melissa Maker from the YouTube channel Clean My Space shows us that you don’t need to use too much elbow grease to get a clean bathtub; all you need is the right cleaning liquid!

Before revealing her holy grail method, Melissa first discusses the nasty substances that are probably sticking to your tub RIGHT NOW! She mentions both hair and soap scum, which she describes as “a slurry of dead skin cells, dirt from your body, oil from your body, oil from your products, and all of the remnants that come out of soap and shampoo.

Yikes! We apologize to anyone who may have been taking a bite of food while looking at that last bit. Not exactly appetizing reading material, huh?

This stripy-looking filth is not only cringe-worthy, it can also PERMANENTLY stain your surfaces if left untreated. According to The Maids, this biofilm is called S. marcencens, and it can start growing on the surface of the soap scum. And, though our host downplays it in her video, the nasty stuff can actually make you more susceptible to illnesses, like urinary tract infections.

So, now that you’re thoroughly convinced and surely leaning over your tub with cleaning gloves in hand, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of this brilliant bathroom hack.

Disclaimer: We want to be clear that this particular hack is only approved for enamel surfaces. As Melissa mentions, there are a variety of different materials used in the making of tubs, like cast iron and fiber glass, for instance, which tend to be more delicate than enamel. Double check your tub before proceeding.

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